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Summary / Quick Tips

  • Make a note of the background colour and maximum image sizes on the "Editing Options" popup before you load picnik. You may need these details.
  • Experiment with picnik to find out what you can do.

Recommended Picnik Features

We recommend experimenting with the following features in picnik to enhance your images. There are loads more features to play with too.

Crop (found on the edit tab)
Allows you to cut unwanted edges off your photos. To make life easy, enter the desired size of the image in the "Actual Size" box and click the Scale Photo check box. Now drag the rectangle to highlight the area of the photo you want to keep. When you click OK the photo will be cropped and resized in one step.

Resize (found on the edit tab)
Use this feature to change the size of your image. Use the Sharpen feature after resizing if the smaller version looks a little blurry.

Text (found on the Create tab)
Use this feature to overlay text on to your photo.

Frames (found on the Create tab)
Add frames to your photo, including drop shadows and rounded corners. Note that some of these features will ask for a background colour. The background colour code for your images is displayed on the "Editing Options" popup, so make a note of it before loading picnik. Click on the background colour in picnik and enter the code (excluding the #) in to the input box at the top of the palette popup box.

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