Updating Your CWS Website

Summary / Quick Tips

  • Use the "Set Window Title & Search Engine Parameters" button at the top of your web page to edit the settings.
  • Enter terse, unique, meaningful details to all the entries.
  • Include words and phrases that people may use in a search engine to find your page.

Window Title

Must be unique for each of your pages. It should be concise and include words that people may search for when looking for your website.

Meta Description

May be displayed by a search engine when it lists your page. Keep the description short and meaningful. Provide enough details to allow customers to decide if your page is what they are looking for. Ensure all your pages have unique Meta Descriptions.

Meta Keywords

These are not widely used. Enter a list of comma separated words and phrases that you think someone would enter in to a search engine to find your page. All keywords must appear elsewhere on your page. Your most important keywords should also appear in your Window Title and Meta Description.

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