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Summary / Quick Tips

  • Use free tools (Inkscape and Gimp) to create your own artwork.
  • The "Editing Options" popup tells you the maximum height and width of the selected image and the background colour code.
  • Use the editing option to upload via picnik to allow cropping, resizing and editing of your pictures.

Image Types

When saving images from various programs, you will notice your image name ends with a dot and then a few letters. This suffix is known is the file extension and indicates the format of the file.

When working with photos you should always save the file iwith a .jpg or .jpeg file extension.

When creating anything other than photos, e.g. logos, text, icons etc. you should save the file with an extension of .gif or .png.

Image Sizes & Background Colours

Each of the images on your web page will have a maximum size and width. Right click on the image to find this size.

Try to create keep your images under the maximum file sizes. Don't worry if they are larger, as they will be automatically reduced, but this may slightly affect the original quality.

The "editing options" popup will also give you the hex code for background colour of each image (.e.g . #ffffff). This can be used in most image editing programs to set the background colour of any image you are creating.

Creating Logos & Icons

We recommend using Inkscape to create your logos. You can download Inkscape for free and learn how to use it at: www.inkscape.org.

Once you have created your logo, use the export bitmap option to create a PNG file of the appropriate size. You can then use the option to upload the graphic to your web page without picnik editing.

If you prefer to use a more traditional drawing package with lots of options and effects we recommend using Gimp. You can download gimp for free at: www.gimp.org

Using picnik to Upload Your Photos

When uploading photos to your web page we highly recommend using the option to upload via picnik. This web based tool allows you to easily make changes to your photo, such as adding text and shapes, resizing and cropping. Play around with picnik to see what you can do.

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