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We offer a number of different website solutions.

  • If you already have photos and artwork to use on your website or are confident that you can create good quality images then we recommend using our DIY Website Templates.
  • If you want to leave everything in our capable hands, then you should go for our Professional Websites
  • Buy a 1 page Web Presence if you are testing the market, or if the Internet is not an important sales channel.
  • Buy a Web Brochure if you are planning to invest time in to marketing your website and rely on it to find new business.

Do It Yourself or Tailored Solutions

Use our comparison table to see how the features compare.

Do It yourself (from £50)

Our DIY Website Templates are our cheapest offerings and anyone should have enough skills to add their own text and images. We try and make it as easy as possible.

If we have a template that matches your needs and if you are comfortable choosing colour schemes and uploading your own images, then this could be a good approach for you.

There is no risk! If you struggle to produce an effective website we can always make tailored changes at our standard rate of £20 per hour.

Tailored Solutions (from £99)

The easiest way to get a professional looking website is to simply let us do all the work for you.

You can provide images, logos and colours schemes or just leave it all up to us with our Profesional Websites.

How Many Pages Do I Need

Both DIY and tailored solutions allow you to choose between a Web Presence or Web Brochure.

Web Presence (1 Page)

A single page is a cost effective way to take your business online and see if it works for you.

If you outgrow your single page and decide to go for more pages, we can upgrade you to a web brochure, and you only pay the difference in price between the two packages.

Some business may only ever need a single page. Think of it as an online advert that has the benefit of opening up another communication channel (email).

Web Brochures (Multiple Pages)

Web brochures are intended for businesses who are keen to take full advantage of the Internet as a marketing channel.

We can add additional pages to your web brochure as required (at our standard rate of £20 per hour) so you should never outgrow this package.

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