Buying A Website

Summary / Quick Tips

Visit our DIY Solutions page to buy a template or use the Contact Us to request a tailored solution.

In either case we will contact you and lead you through the next steps.

Use the rest of our Business Guide to help maintain and promote your website.

For DIY Website Templates

Select and purchase a template from our DIY Website Templates page.

1) Your website should be accessible and ready for you to edit within 1 to 3 days.

After you are live

1) Read the rest of our business guide. You will find links to free software and information that will help you produce good content for your website.

2) Optionally set up Google Mail Standard Edition (for free) to host your email account.
Visit Google Apps to complete the process. Note that we will have already configured our DNS servers to support Google mail.

3) Optionally set up Google Analytics (for free) to track how many visitors have visited your website.
Visit Google Analytics to sign up.

For Professional Websites

Use our Contact Us page to request a custom built professional website.

1) We will call you back, discuss your requirements and prepare a final price and estimated live date for your website.

2) Once we have a rough working version of your website, we will let you review it before invoicing you for the agreed amount.

3) After your payment is received we will purchase your chosen domain name, finish any artwork and make the website live.

4) We will set up your email addresses and website analytics to allow you to monitor how many visitors you are getting. We use Google for Email and Anaytics.

Our guides are regularly revised and updated.
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