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Download our free extension to the PunBB forum to capture referral sources when new members are registering. See the README file included with each for terms and conditions of use.
Basically, it's open source :)

For more extensions visit the punBB extension page.

PunBB Extension (Version 1.1.1 - 14 May 2009)

PunBB provide a open source forum that is easy to implement, provides good features and benefits from an active community.

Capture Referral Sources Extension

This extension provides the following features.

  • Asks new members to select a referral source from a drop down list during the registration process.
  • You can define the list of sources in the Administration > Settings > Features page.
  • If the selected referral source ends with "...", the user is asked to enter additional information, e.g. "Other..."
  • Configure a line with a + prefix to denote a group name. Following sources will appear under that group in the drop down list.

Analysing Your Referral Sources

The software does not include any reports, but you can extract the required information directly from your database using SQL. Here is an example:

  • select FROM_UNIXTIME(u.registered) Registered, u.username, l.source, l.source_info from forum_users u, forum_referral_log l where u.id = l.user_id and year(date(FROM_UNIXTIME(u.registered))) = 2009 and month(date(FROM_UNIXTIME(u.registered))) = 4

Installation Instructions

Sample Configuration

Will provide the following drop down list

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