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Summary / Quick Tips

This page provides general tips on how to design a flyer, leaflet or other promotional material.

  • Produce professional results. Know what you want to achieve and produce a design that appeals to your target market while clearly promoting your brand.
  • Follow the AIDA marketing principle: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Be Professional

Leaflet design needs to look professional and communicate a clear message to your target market. Its important to get the best style, tone and format in order to gain results.

A badly designed flyer or leaflet can have a detrimental effect on the image of your company and waste the money you have invested in printing.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What do I want to achieve from the flyer? (e.g. - Increase sales of a particular product, tell my customers about an event or offer in order to attract customers)

Who am I aiming the flyer at? If you want to attract a certain target market you need to think about what that target market will react to in terms of the message, style and tone of the flyer.
e.g. - A flyer promoting luxury cruises will have a very different tone and style to a flyer promoting family holidays at Butlins.

Once you have created your design, ask a colleague or friend to take a look at it and provide you with feedback. When you are undertaking any kind of design you will benefit from returning to the design a couple of times to gain a fresh perspective and see where improvements can be made.

General Tips

  • Images and Illustrations – Use high quality and appropriate images for your design to grab the attention of your target market.
  • Branding - The design should include your logo and use your standard company style and colours.
  • The copy / wording should be simple but strong and convincing, try to avoid using block text where possible.

The AIDA Marketing Principle

The four steps below describe the sequence of responses you should try to invoke through your leaflet design. This is known as the AIDA marketing principle (AIDA being an acronym of the steps involved).

1. Attention - Attract the reader's attention

Use eye catching images, illustrations, fonts and colours to grab the attention of your reader. Try to make the message personal to your target market and have a good headline that promotes the benefits of your product or service.

2. Interest - Arouse the reader's interest

Expand further the benefits you mentioned in your headline, use 'You' and 'Your' to personalise the flyer and direct the message to the reader. Use short, simple and clear sentences, avoid block text and use further supporting images where appropriate.

3. Desire - Create a desire for the reader to act or posses what you are promoting

Pose a question, make a statement or use a special offer or discount to encourage the reader to desire what you are trying to promote.

4. Action - Get the reader to take action

Clearly tell the reader where to buy or access what you are promoting. Guide them to your web site or prompt them to call you to learn more.

We Can Help

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Useful Links

Color Wheel Pro - a program that allows you to create color schemes and preview them on real examples.

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