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If your accounts are very simple, you may want to consider simply creating a few spreadsheets to keep track of your business.

If you prefer a proper accounting package and have fairly simple accounts, then we recommend using Microsoft's Accounting Express which is freely available.

Using Spreadsheets

If you run a small company (e.g. a sole trader) and have simple accounts, you may want to see if you can run your accounts using simple spreadsheets before you hire an accountant or start training yourself in accounting.

We recommend you start by understanding how to perform tax returns so that you know what you need to record and how to break it down.

Microsoft Accounting Express

The free version of Accounting Express is fully functional and does not expire.

The software includes the core accounting modules that you would expect (nominal ledger, sales ledger, purchase ledger, invoicing, payments and banking).

This may be sufficient for some small companies.

Other Free Software

You will find other free software on the Internet, but before you commit to keeping your accounts on any software:

1) Ensure the provider is still maintaining the software and making regular releases.

2) Ensure they have at active community of users, who may be able to help you out.

3) Look for reviews or ask for opinions of other people who have used the software.

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